Energy Reduction

Energy-IO assists industries and utilities in visualizing and reducing their energy consumption through smart data solutions.

Insight & Savings for Business Customers with Consumption from €250,000 per Year

Our user-friendly dashboards provide insight into the energy used in production. Our data analysts assess and improve efficiency. 


Generating Data

We install a plug-and-play measuring kit that allows us to record consumption without interrupting the circuit.


Visualization and Analysis

We map this data through various dashboards.


Coaching and Advice

Our analysts identify areas in the business process where energy can be saved.



We relay this information back in a report which directly leads to reduction.

Our Mission

Contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions

Reduce global CO2 emissions to zero by 2050
When we talk a lot about energy, it quickly turns to using less fossil fuels and generating energy through renewable sources such as wind and sun.

Energy saving is much more interesting! 
However, the greatest gains can be made by preventing energy waste. The first step in the Trias Energetica!

We use a lot of energy duringproduction of products , machines ot others. But we don't have the insights how much, and by which machine or production line.

Data from energy consumption is the holistic parameter for the energy transition. It helps to reduce spilling of energy and secondly it provides data for justifying other projects to reduce even more energy consumption.  

Energy-IO helps visualizing  the energy consumption and support the company's with analysing the data and coaching them to implement energy saving solutions .

Paris Climate Agreement

2030 - 50% CO2 reduction
2050 - 100% CO2 reduction

Want to know more about Energy-IO and our mission?

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What's not started today, will be never finished tomorrow

- J.W. von Goethe

Energy-IO in Practice

Discover how we have helped various sectors with energy reduction

Customers we help save

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About Energy-IO

Every residential house nowadays has a smart meter. They know exactly what it costs if a washing machine runs an hour shorter or longer. But in the manufacturing industry? There, they annually pay at least 250,000 euros to the energy company. But they have no idea which process or machine really runs efficiently, or is just a huge energy leak.


Data-Driven Energy Reduction

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